Music Pedagogy Kodaly approach
Music Pedagogy Kodaly approach
Train-the-Trainers Programme
2023-10-30 - 2024-01-31
Start Time
For Music Teachers teaching VI students only
3 hours per session, 8 sessions in total
Music Pedagogy Kodaly approach

The Kodaly method is an approach based on teaching, learning and understanding music through the experience of singing. It begins by teaching students to sing in tune combined with extensive physical movement to develop timing and rhythmic competence. Music is taught in a way that requires each person to learn via a variety of modes –kinesthetic and auditory. Students learn musical concepts through traditional folk songs. They learn to use all their senses for musical perception.

For Music teachers who are teaching VI students and would like to join the coaching sessions with trainers Ms Lai May Tan, Ms Kalms Ng and Ms Zelina Wong, please register via the link on or before 24 October 2023.