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MusicXML Reader(VIP)
Application Musicxml Reader(VIP)

We are excited to introduce an innovative app developed by Mr. Wong Tim Yeung, who from The University of Hong Kong student with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. In his final year project, Mr. Wong improved an existing app named “MusicXML Reader(VIP)”, an interactive music reader app targeting the visually impaired person. Several improvements are made to enhance the functionalities of the previous version. As a music learning platform for visually impaired persons, this app has been specifically designed to help visually impaired individuals read music scores, making it easier for them to learn and enjoy playing music. This app allows visually impaired persons to learn and explore music with different music pieces. They can read the music information using accessibility features and play the music they want to study.


  • New user interface with music score and cursor displayed.
  • Improved music audio quality with different sound fonts.
  • Improved user flow with debugging.
  • Added a restart button for user to rewind to music easily.
  • Users can choose the music information they want to hear by turning on or off the switch, including: Note name switch, Time switch, Tonal switch.




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Mr. Wong Tim Yeung
Dr YUEN, Shiu Yin Kelvin