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Super Lidar - Lidar for Blind
Super Lidar - Lidar for Blind

Introducing "Super Lidar - Lidar for Blind," a cutting-edge app by Virtual Collaboration Research Inc. that empowers blind and visually impaired users to navigate their surroundings with ease. Utilizing AI and Lidar sensors, Super Lidar scans the environment to detect objects, people, and distances, providing audio and haptic feedback to help users avoid obstacles. The app also features a People Detector for maintaining social distance and a Mask Detector to ensure those nearby are wearing face coverings.

Full features of Super Lidar:

- Depth Description: Scans and maps the 3D layout of your environment to determine the distances of your surroundings and provides sound feedback to avoid obstacles. Higher pitch sound corresponds to longer distances. A low pitch sound indicates an obstacle nearby. Additionally, on iPhones, haptic feedback is provided to indicate an immediate obstacle visible to the camera. Strength of the vibration increases with the size of the obstacle.

- People Detector: Detects people that appears on your camera and let you know about their distances to ensure maintaining social distance.

- Mask Detector: Checks whether the people around are wearing any type of face covering or not.


Super Lidar works offline, offers VoiceOver accessibility, and supports multiple languages. Developed by Mediate, an MIT-spinoff AI start-up, the app is backed by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. It was created using human-centered design principles and involved collaborations with blind and visually impaired users and organizations.


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