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Supersense - AI for Blind
Supersense - AI for Blind

Introducing Supersense - AI for Blind, a comprehensive scanner app designed for blind and visually impaired users. Developed by Virtual Collaboration Research Inc., this app uses AI to provide a seamless scanning experience, making it easier to read text, identify currency, and access product information from barcodes.

Key features include:

- Smart Scanner: Automatically determines whether you're scanning text, documents, currency, or barcodes.

- Smart Guidance: Guides users on how to position the camera, ensuring accurate results.

- Quick Read: Instantly reads text in front of the rear camera.

- Document Scanning: Assists with reading longer documents using smart guidance and allows navigation using VoiceOver commands.

- Multipage Scanning: Simultaneously scans documents with multiple pages and enables easy navigation.

- Currency Recognition: Identifies currency denominations and announces banknote values.

- Barcode Scanning: Reads barcodes to provide product names, brands, and additional information.

- Object Explorer and Find: Scans the physical environment and announces nearby objects.

- Import: Reads and explores text from images and PDF files, with the option to send them directly from other apps using the "Recognize with Supersense" tool.

- Read History: Displays recognition history in one convenient screen.


Most features work without internet connectivity, offering full VoiceOver accessibility support and availability in multiple languages.


Supersense provides limited free access to all features and subscription plans for unlimited access, including monthly USD ($4.99), yearly ($49.99), or lifetime ($99.99) options. Developed in collaboration with blind and visually impaired users, the app continuously evolves based on community feedback.


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